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Our Rain Garden

 Our rain garden helps bring natural beauty to the neighborhood we call home. Our rain garden helps bring natural beauty to the neighborhood we call home.

With support from the Ruth Mott Foundation a rain garden was designed and planted at Family Service Agency's new location in 2009.

The garden was planted with help from the neighbors and is a natural attraction for birds and butterflies as well as a beautiful connection between the agency and the surrounding residential neighborhood. The rain garden is positioned at the base of the parking lot in order to capture and soak up storm water from the parking area and roof of our building.

Another environmentally friendly design choice supported by the Ruth Mott Foundation grant was the installation of previous concrete sidewalks around the perimeter of the Family Service Agency building. Pervious concrete is designed with a rougher more open texture that allows rain water to pass directly through the cement, the rain water is then collected through a series of underground pipes and directed to the rain garden. These improvements to this urban site reflect Family Service Agency of Mid Michigan's efforts to be a good neighbor, a guardian of the environment, as well as add to the natural beauty of the area.

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