Brooke Gow

Brooke Gow has been a fierce advocate and educator for the needs and concerns of families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. She has been employed at FSA since 2018 when she was brought onboard as the Program Director of the Guardianship and Representative program. During that time, she boosted caseworker to client interaction, increased payee clients served, and raised thousands in funding to better serve guardianship clients.

From there, Ms. Gow was hired as the Executive Director following Mr. Charles Tommasulo’s retirement in July, 2020. She succeeded his 40+ year legacy at FSA and is eager to continue to generate change and make positive impacts on the community. She holds a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts in Family Studies from Central Michigan University. During her undergraduate studies, she focused her time and efforts on family-centered strengths and needs assessments and program development. Following obtaining her BAA, Ms. Gow continued her education through Central Michigan University’s NASPAA accredited Masters of Public Administration Program. She focused her MPA studies on Nonprofit Management. She graduated Suma Cum Laude with a MPA in May, 2020. Under her leadership, FSA’s in-home eldercare services, guardian/conservatorship, representative payee, senior companion and foster grandparent programs have all flourished.

Ms. Gow heavily involves herself in organizations, task forces, and partnerships than enhance FSA’s services. She is involved with the National Guardianship Association, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, Michigan Guardianship Association where she serves as a board member, and the Elder Abuse Alliance of Genesee County where she serves as an elected Vice President. She also encourages her staff to join local, regional, and national groups working for seniors, families, and individuals with disabilities and she shares success stories about how to better serve vulnerable populations. These partnerships help FSA keep a close eye on the political activities and policy changes at all levels of government.


  • Michigan Guardianship Association
  • National Guardianship Association
  • Alliance for Strong Families and Communites
  • Genesee County Community Referral Network
  • Elder Abuse Alliance of Genesee County



  • Michigan Guardianship Association: Board Member, Education Committee
  • Elder Abuse Alliance, Vice President

The FSA is a United Way Partner
The FSA is a member of the Alliance for Children and Families
The FSA is a member of the Michigan Guardianship Association