Visual and Hearing Impaired Program

Family Service Agency’s Visually Impaired Program is a new program to support individuals who are 60 or better and struggling with blindness or vision loss. These services are free to eligible residents!

Who is eligible?

All Genesee County residents who are legally blind, have low vision, or are experiencing functional or progressive vision loss and 60 years old or better.

Visual and Hearing Impaired Program

Visually Impaired Services Include:

Social Work Consultation

Social Work supports in the following areas:

  • Engage in supportive casework
  • Coordinate services and resources
  • Provide emotional support to client, families and friends
  • Disseminate information to clients and staff
  • Educate and outreach in the community

Support Group

The emotional aspect of losing vision is often the most difficult to overcome. Support groups offer a wide range of topics to encourage individuals to share and support one another through difficulties.

Independent Living Skills

Teaches skills to adjust to blindness and low vision using adaptive techniques and devices. Topics will be personalized to meet each clients needs.

Adaptive Aids Support

Low vision and adaptive aids will be identified and provided as needed.

Orientation & Mobility Support

Training is personalized for each client and completed in the clients environment at their own pace.

Get in Touch

Sabrina Bouchard, LLMSW

Program Director

EmailPhone: 810-285-3582

The FSA is a United Way Partner
The FSA is a member of the Alliance for Children and Families
The FSA is a member of the Michigan Guardianship Association