Experience and caring–these are the hallmarks of Family Service Agency. Its seven directors are all experts in their fields and among them, possess nearly 200 years of experience. That, coupled with genuine concern for the well-being of every client, makes FSA a truly remarkable place. Whether you are seeking counseling for your family, help coping with your vision loss, support for an elderly loved one, or a assistance with a host of other needs, you can be confident that you will be treated with respect and caring from your very first interaction with our staff.

Family Service Agency of
Mid Michigan

Location: 1422 West Court Street, Flint, MI 48503
Phone: 810-767-4014 ext. 415

Senior Companion Program and Foster Grandparent Program

Location: 940 South Grand Traverse Street, Flint, MI 48503

FSA Executive Director

Brooke Gow


EmailPhone: 810-767-4014 ext. 415
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Shawna Farrell

Finance Director

EmailPhone Ext: 410

Sue Davidson

Finance Assistant

EmailPhone Ext: 409

Brooke Gow, BAA, MGA, NGA

Guardianship/Representative Payee Director

EmailPhone: 810-767-4014 ext. 419

June Summerville, CNA

Guardianship Caseworker

EmailPhone Ext: 411

Violet Couture, NCG, RSST

Assistant Director

EmailPhone Ext: 413

Barb McCarius

Representative Payee

EmailPhone Ext: 400

Debra Crites

Representative Payee

EmailPhone Ext: 405

Terry Brown, RSST

Guardian Accountant Aide

EmailPhone Ext: 418

Mary Marcot, RSST

Payee / Guardian Department 

EmailPhone Ext: 424

Sharon Wilbon

Representative Payee

EmailPhone Ext: 414

Diane Hogan, RSST

In-Home Elder Care Director

EmailPhone: 810-767-4014 ext. 401
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Julie Taylor, RN

In-Home Elder Care Assessor

Jan Wiles, RSST

Program Coordinator

Robyn Johnston

Senior Companion Director & Foster Grandparent Director

EmailPhone: 810-257-3769
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Amanda Ramberg

Senior Companion Program / Foster Grandparent Program Supervisor

Ann Childs

Senior Companion Program Supervisor

Margietta Miller, AA

Foster Grandparent Program Office Manager

Gabby Parker

Foster Grandparent Supervisor

Family Service Agency Board Members

founded April 30, 1945 — celebrating our 75th Anniversary

Lindsey Younger


James B Hugan, FCBA

1st Vice President

Vince Eible

Past President

Lauretta Montini


Diana McKittrick


Trish Ogg

Margaret Brandenburg

Julia Mary Kaupert

Gary Kidd

Denise D Fish

The FSA is a United Way Partner
The FSA is a member of the Alliance for Children and Families
The FSA is a member of the Michigan Guardianship Association