Regarding the In-Home Elder Care Program…

“Thank you so much for your loving care you provide me. You make my days extra special.”
– Helen

“My worker is like a ball of sunshine coming in my door. She makes my week. My prayers have been answered. I appreciate everyone on your staff.”
– Ann

“Thank you so much for taking care of our father. We are comforted to know that he is in good hands.”
– John

“Thanks to the caregiver and staff who have helped me with my daily activities; without this service I do not know what I would do.”
– Jan

“I appreciate the caregiver helping me with my shower and housekeeping, running errands and fixing light meals for me. Without this service, I would not be able to live on my own. I am 103 and am so happy I can stay in my own home.”
– Ellen

Regarding the Foster Grandparent Program…

“It gives me pleasure and satisfaction to see the big improvement I’ve made in the lives of these children. Their parents are pleased with the progress they’ve made. I’m a 72-year-old woman on a fixed income. The stipend helps a lot. I’m also blessed to be a Foster Grandma to needy children. I give extra tender loving care. It gives me a chance to prove I can do something worthwhile.”
– Dorothy Wheeler

“I volunteer at an elementary school in the first grade and in a home with a disabled child who is homebound. Basically, the first grade special needs children read to me. I find it very rewarding and I feel like they help me as much as I help them. I read and play games with the totally disabled child. It really makes my life worthwhile. As for the stipend — it enables me to buy prescriptions and necessities I would have to do without otherwise. Please continue supporting this great program. They need us as much as we need them.”
– Naomi Nunley

“With the high at-risk population at our school here in Flint, Michigan, the Foster Grandparent program has greatly benefited our students. Not only do the teachers have the added support in the classroom, but the students have additional emotional and academic support. I just spoke to one of our Grandparents today and coming to the school to work with the children has affected her life positively, as well. She is allowed the opportunity to continue to make a difference in the lives of children and our students benefit from this.”
– Kathryn Black, M.Ed., SCL, Licensed School Guidance Counselor, Richfield Public School Academy

“I am writing in regards to the Foster Grandparent Program. It is one of the most beneficial programs with regards to a feeling of self-worth for our children and for our grandparents. Our little ones look for our grandma every day when they come in. She is a source of love, comfort and support for them, and I know that it makes her day to get a smile or a hug from them. Our grandma gets up every morning looking forward to coming in and rocking her little ones, going for walks, and feeding them. I do not know how many times I have heard her say that this gives her a reason to get up every day. I cannot imagine being retired and not having something to look forward to. This program benefits everyone that it reaches and touches the heart of everyone involved.”
– Kathleen Bell, Teacher, Genesee Intermediate School District, Early Childhood Programs and Services

“I am writing on behalf of the Foster Grandparent program. This is my second year using the program and my students and staff see a real benefit form our foster Grandparent. He works with three different First grade classrooms and is very well thought of by my staff and students. The program gives a real life experience package to both the Foster grandparent and my students. The students get the benefit of additional instruction time, Friendship and mentoring from our Foster Grandparent. The program also allows our foster Grandparent the opportunity to utilize his time daily to provide a needed and valuable service to students, staff and community.”
– Christopher Perry, Principal, Emerson Elementary School, Owosso Public Schools

“I am writing on behalf of the Foster Grandparent program. The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint has been an active partner in the Foster Grandparent program for more than five years. Each year several ‘grandparents’ are placed in our facility and charged with building relationships with the young people in our program and assisting them with everything from homework to playing games and activities. The program addresses many of the basic needs for both the children and the seniors. Many of our youth struggle with consistent relationships with caring adults. The Foster Grandparents provide a calming and consistent influence for the children. They also encourage the development of respect among youth for older adults. This value has long implications in maintaining a civil society and understanding the dignity of the aging process. For the seniors in the program the work is life affirming; the experience contributes to vibrant and joyful living. I believe the program is very cost effective model for achieving outcomes for both youth and seniors. The small investment assists in keeping seniors living independently, has long term health benefits of the seniors, and assists programs like the Boys & Girls Club in providing mission driven programs.”
– James Gaskin, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club

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